_Tell us what you are looking for

Expand team

  • Tell us the required tech stack and seniority level.
  • We allocate engineers to your project.
  • After the project is delivered we agree on support terms.

Build something

  • We have a quick call to get the basic idea of what you are trying to build.
  • We prepare a ballpark quote for the work.
  • If the project is from our business domain area we draft the spec, if not your experts will provide us with those.
  • We get to work. (This service is available in both turn-key and time & material arrangements)

Setup development process

  • We arrange a quick call to learn more about your current process and organization.
  • We organize interviews with some of your team members to identify bottlenecks and pain points.
  • We draft a new process proposal and do the presentation for the team.
  • You implement the new process with ongoing guidance from our side.

_Tailor-made systems

Our team has vast experience building enterprise software and apps for a number of industries. Over the past 15 years we have built successful systems for different industries including: micro finance, gambling/sports betting, real estate, telecom, travel and online collaboration.

Let us build your next system or app and discover that software can be not only on time and budget, but with a proactive, switched on and intuitive development team.

_Agile Coaching

No matter how good you are – there is always something to improve.

Over the past 10 years our agile coaches successfully transformed processes for dozens of companies. We know that what you are trying to build is unique and doesn’t tolerate conventional ways of work, but there are universal concepts, which can boost productivity and bring joy to your project and its ultimate goals.

We eliminated wait times, sped up decision making, improved progress visibility, shortened communication lines, automated busywork over and over again. The main result was always the same, productivity and job satisfaction increased.

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